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Minggu, 21 April 2013

WARCLOUDS - A Disturbing Presence (2011)

1. Dystopia
2. I Stare to See 
3. Idealizing the Past
4. Flawless 
5. Putrid Insignia 
6. Clenched Teeth
7. Impetuous Wrath 
8. The Passionate Degradation
9. Sharing the Filth

Origin: London, UK
Genre: Death Metal

"Warclouds is a death metal started as a project founded by Bruno Schmidt in late 2009, in Curitiba, Brazil. After playing in the local scene with the bands Thanatosis and Libidinum, he got his ideas and finished the songs for the full length 'A Disturbing Presence' by the end of 2010. Recorded in March 2011(Bruno Schmidt: rhythm/lead/bass guitar, vocals & drum programming), at 'Passagem de Som' studios, the 9 song album features Fernando Botton’s artwork. Now living in London, with ex-Born Dead greek bassist Romanos Skiadas in the line-up. Coming from the Athens scene, the bass player adds the perfect tune to the songs in the rehearsals, with a fretless massacre. In the meantime, Manos Pefkos (Temple Of Evil) joined the band as a guitarist. The band is looking for a London based drummer to complete the line up and start destroying the UK and not only venues. Primarily focused on pure death metal, the act is influenced by the early 90's sound. With the tempo not obsessively fast and enough variation of riffs, the songs also tend to gather other styles of metal as well, with the growling deep vocals. The lyrical concept varies from the horror/agony themes to daily struggle."

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