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Minggu, 21 April 2013

MORTIFEROUS SCORN - Mental Anarchy (2012)

1. Mental Anarchy
2. Bottom Feeder
3. Devolution
4. Living Casualty
5. Frozen
6. Domain
7. Misery Staind
8. Hollow Deity
9. The Joker Effect
10. Suspentia

Origin: Madrid, IA, USA
Genre: Death Metal

"If someone were to use four words to describe Mortiferous Scorn's music they would be Brutal, Dark, Fast, and Heavy. Founded in 2006 Scorn has become an original and driving force in the Death Metal music community. What makes Mortiferous Scorn different from other metal bands? The fact that all the instruments and vocals are performed by sole and founding member Alexander Oden."
Material received directly from a band.

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