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Minggu, 21 April 2013

JARHEAD - Beautiful Delusion (2013)

1. Satanic Panic
2. Two Questions
3. Beautiful Delusion
4. The Doom That Came To Me In The Shower
5. Dreaming In Five Dimensions
6. Clutter The Glinds
7. Anti-Prostrate 

Origin: Winnipeg, Canada
Genre: Progressive Death/Thrash Metal

"Jarhead was founded in 2007 in an attempt to treat the life-threatening thrash metal obsessions of five angry young Canadians. The troupe quickly emerged from the basement and took to the stage in a series of devastating live performances, leaving ringing ears, hurt feelings and empty beer cans behind at the many venues where the metalheads of Winnipeg congregate to practice their arts. These efforts would culminate in the release of "Beautiful Delusion," a mindbending journey progressing through death and thrash metal and beyond, as the Burroughsian and Lovecraftian collide in Sagan's garage."

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