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Senin, 12 September 2011

CARNAL DIAGFRAGMA (CZECH) - Planets Of Children's Heads (2011)

Artist: Carnal Diafragma
Album:Planets Of Children's Heads
Year: 2011
Genre: Grindcore/Goregrind
Country: Czech Republic
Bitarte: Mp3@320 kbps CD-Rip (Lame 3.93.1)
Size: 94 Mb

01. Funny Holidays
02. Arrogant Iron And Souped Hairdryer
03. Grandmothers Dubs
04. As If An Elephant Sit On You
05. U.S. Death Metal
06. Baked Croissant In The Twists
07. Planet Of Children's Heads
08. Power Of Fire
09. Screw-Propeller
10. Boobs Like Sacks
11. Sweetshop Under Skirt
12. Satan's Jam
13. Daddys Steaks (Re-Recorded)
14. Life Stories
15. Quickie In Doggy Style
16. Mouth Full Of Hairs


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