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Senin, 25 Juli 2011

ABORSRANIE BOGOM (ISRAEL) & GERONTOPHILE (CAN) - Geronto - Scathopiliac Activities [Split] (2011)

Abosranie Bogom
1. Intro
2. Copromantic Date With Veronica Moser
3. Intro
4. Abduction of Injured Turds
5. 120 Ans, Souvenir Anal De Jeanne Calment
6. Cenile...Mais Cochonne
7. Ton Polident Me Chauffe Le Gland
8. J'Fourre Ton Caniche Ma Vieille Crisse
9. La Vielle Poche a Grand Ppa (bonus track)

Origin: Israel/Canada
Genre: Porn/Gore Grind

Double copro sickness style - Israel vs Canada!

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