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Kamis, 30 Juni 2011

XYPHOS (CAN) - What Comes Before EP (2011)

1. Obsessive Compulsive Decapitation
2. Abusement
3. Incision
4. What Comes Before

Origin: Toronto, Canada
Genre: Death Metal

"XYPHOS formed in Toronto in 2009. Comprised of the guttural vocal style and progressive guitar of Andrew Power, the crushing tone of guitarist Ahmed Ali, the aggressive blast-beats and grinding double kick of drummer Brody Overfalle and the unique approach of bassist Rory Kennedy, Xyphos is a band dedicated to their singular brand of death metal. Described as impressive and well rounded, XYPHOS deliver a solid mixture of aggressive and progressive death metal.
Featuring an impressive and forceful stage show, the band brings an intense energy to performing that is refreshing. This force was translated to their debut EP, “What Comes Before” when the band entered the studio with Geoff Hodsman (Creep Colony, Envenomation, Dimensions Divide) in July of 2010. Demonstrating a vehemence and passion rarely heard on a debut release, “What Comes Before” is the culmination of a wide range of influences.
Having released this EP, the band now turns their attention to the stage, having played with such bands as Archspire, Insurrection, Saprophyte, and The Isosceles Project. With plans for complete live domination, the band will bring their unique approach to death metal to any stage possible. 2011 is the year of Xyphos. Playing and writing relentlessly, the band will be in the studio in July to record the debut full-length for a late 2011 release. The year moves forward and so does Xyphos. Ever evolving, the band’s sound and direction will progress, growing and feeding on the fervor of the Canadian metal scene."

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