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Kamis, 30 Juni 2011

UNSPOKEN TRIUMPH (USA) - Vindication EP (2011)

1. Sol
2. Decay Of Progression
3. The Witching
4. The Berserker's Prayer
5. Hatred Personified

Origin: Chattanooga, US
Genre: Melodic Death Metal

"Melodic brutality... Epic sorrow... Relentless aggression... These are the goals of UNSPOKEN TRIUMPH. Rising into the Chattanooga, TN music scene in 2009, UT seeks to bring new flavor of heavy metal music to the area, casting themselves apart from the current trends and fashions currently holding dominance.
In 2010, the band acquired former With Faith Or Flames vocalist, Ian Sharp, into the fold, adding his intense wails and gutturals and his unique lyrical stylings to the already insane formula that makes UT such a force to be reckoned with.
The band has already been able to share the stage with such diverse acts as: Goatwhore, Living Sacrifice, Jucifer, and Becoming The Archetype, amongst others.
2011 sees the release of the band's first official demo recordings, titled 'Vindication', as well as the addition of local guitar prodigy Ryan Smith to the lineup, making this the most exciting time in the band's history so far.
The future has been written and foretold, and there is only more metal to come from UNSPOKEN TRIUMPH."

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