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Selasa, 07 Juni 2011

BANGSAT (IND) & CAUSE OF DIVORCE (GER) - Bargain Hunting Split (2010)

1. A Pittiful Legacy of Mankind Greediness
2. Remain the Lifeless
3. State of Boundless Sorrow
4. Milenium Kanibalisme
5. Where Money Becomes the Real God
6. Injak Mati Rasisme
7. H.F.I.D. (Hellbastard cover)
8. The Unholy Trinity
9. Extinction of Life
10. Big Business Shit
11. World of Starvation
12. Work For Life Work til Death
Cause Of Divorce
13. Spearhead of Madness
14. Eat Shit 2.0
15. Anticapitalista
16. Hardliner
17. Elite-Scene-Guru
18. Megalomania
19. The Unloved 2.0

Origin: Indonesia/Germany
Genre: Grindcore

Indonesia vs Germany - both bands play grindcore the old school way. Raw, brutal, fast and with a bunch of punkrock attitude.

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