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Jumat, 20 Mei 2011

EPOD (USA) - Guttural Garbage (2011)

1. Thrusting Upon The EPOD Spear
2. Cervix Battering Ram
3. Ejaculating Eggs of Unholy Gore
4. Corpulent Vivisection
5. Cocaine Induced Rape
6. Disfigured Beyond Belief
7. Guttural Garbage
8. Blood Splattered Satisfaction (Waking The Cadaver cover)

Origin: Columbus, US
Genre: Brutal Death Metal

"EPOD's 8 track full length. EPOD has already began writing a new EP which will focus mainly on pornogrind instead of slam riffs. You can buy 'Guttural Garbage' for $1.75 at our shop:!"
Material received directly from a band.

Mediafire link

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