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Senin, 28 Februari 2011


1. Beheading The Tyrants
2. Epilectic Manslaughter
3. Raped Afterbirth

Origin: Bacolod City, Philippines
Genre: Brutal Death/Grind

"Nekroholocaust is a 3piece band hailing from Bacolod City, Philippines since year 2004. Compose of Bertram Vidaja on guitars, Francis Albesa on drums & Jap Decena on vocals. This band is highly influenced by some other foreign bands like: Disgorge (US), Devourment, Suffocation, Internal Suffering, Asphyxiate, Jasad, Beheaded and some local filipino bands like Human Mastication, Down from the Wound, Pus Vomit etc... First Nekroholocaust released a demo called 'Raped Afterbirth' and released some split and compilation projects from foreign & local bands and labels around the globe. The band also planning to release an EP in 2011 and then full-length album in the future. For more info's and gig invitations just contact us at: FB: / MS: / MOBILE: 09286055980 - 09277507151 / EMAIL:"

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