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Minggu, 20 Februari 2011

DISFIGURED - Amputated Gorewhore (2011)

Brutal Death

1.Captured And Mutilated02:13
2.Cadaver Meatballs02:10
3.Embalming The Corpse03:09
4.Chainsaw Buttplug02:30
5.Vehicular Vasectomy02:06
6.Cunt Force Trauma02:19
7.Raping A Retard02:00
8.Bodyfarm Bufet02:40
9.Held Captive For Sodomictic Rituals03:10
10.Vomit Creampie Surprise02:27
11.Drowning In Feces04:18
12.Sacrifice The Innoncent02:59

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