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Senin, 10 Januari 2011

SPLATTERGASM - Dienosaurs! EP (2010)

1. Necrosaurus II: Dawn of the Dino Dead
2. Dinosaw
3. Suppurating Infection of (Dino)sore
4. Mummified Triceratops Attacking an Orphanage for Children Whose Parents Died in the Holokkkaust
5. Fucked Up By a Tyrannosaur
6. Mesozoic Extinction

Origin: Adelaide, Australia
Genre: Death Metal / Grindcore

"One fateful night, Dr B. Abortus, a disgruntled laboratory technician released his experimental airborne toxin into the air ducts of the laboratory he worked at. The toxic concoction quickly melted Dr Abortus's workmates and he fled from justice into the sewers below. .. After wandering through the labyrinthe network of sludge filled tunnels he stumbled upon a hidden underground genetics laboratory. Within, he discovered the genetic mutation The Ryanimator had escaped from his test tube prison and slain and consumed the scientists that created him. Initial communication with the creature was difficult, but after Dr Abortus promised The Ryanimator that the surface had vast quantites of succulent woman-flesh, The Ryanimator joined his noble cause. .. Shortly after, the pair escaped from the sewers by means of a storm drain next to a children's playground. Here, they discovered Dredknot. A zombified nazi pedophile, doomed to stalk children until his flesh rotted away. After declaring his hatred for Jews, he joined the group, which was quickly arrested by the police following a call from a terrified mother. .. Prison life was not hard for the three. Dr. Abortus created a gas that would shrink a man's genitalia and was largely feared by the inmates. The Ryanimator was kept in a high security holding cell to ensure he did not contaminate the convicts. Dredknot assimilated quickly and easily into the Aryan social circle of the prison and quickly moved up in rank. .. However, the three desired freedom. And so, Dredknot sought the help of Concusser, a man incarcerated for burning infants alive across three states. Using his brute power, Concusser smashed through the brittle walls of the prison and the four were soon on the run. In an attempt to evade the law they ducked into a concert on Waymouth street and accidentally found themselves on stage and in an attempt to cover themselves played a mix of Death, Gore and Grind. Thus, the legacy of Splattergasm was born..."

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