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Senin, 03 Januari 2011

FULCRUM - Insects Society (2010)

1. Mind Collapse
2. Compulsive Needs
3. Pig Slaughter
4. Paranoidal Hallucinations
5. Poison Tree
6. Fuck Thursdays
7. Analizer Of Sexual Frustrations
8. Insects Suiciety
9. The Day
10. Brainwashing

Origin: 3-City, Poland
Genre: Progressive Death Metal/Grindcore

"On bass player Piter and drummer Majk initiative band Fulcrum came into being in summer 2005. After playing in many different bands finally it was supposed to be the band that would give the real opportunities to create progressive music. After working together on rhythmical section and deciding on the direction where Fulcrum should aim at, we organized auditions for a guitar player, and there Andrzej joined the band. We improvised and created Fulcrum, our style. We call it nowadays Proggressive / Death / Grind with a little lick of jazzy and funky vibe."
Due to problems with finding a label, band deicided to release their stuff for free.

Mediafire link

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