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Rabu, 22 Desember 2010

UNMASKING THE BETRAYER - Unmasking The Betrayer EP (2010)

Behind my Back
Damnation Sempiternal
Manifestation of Misanthropy
A Hadean Lament

Origin: Greece

Genre: Death Metal/Progressive
Bitrate: 320kb/s

"The band originating from Athens,Greece was formed in December 2008,by Giotis,Ares,Chris,Bill and Spiros.
We compose music we believe cannot be easily described in one genre tag,since it's a mix of subgenres,but if we were to be asked we would say
it's "New School Death Metal".
We've shared the stage with quite a few great bands,despite us being a new scheme,with the greatest example being our support act for
The Black Dahlia Murder,which was the 2nd time we went on stage.
Our goal is to excel at what we do,and create In-your-face music with no cliches."


Download: Fileserve

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