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Jumat, 03 Desember 2010

MOURN CODE - Paradise Of The Walking Waste (2011)

1. Unfolding The Drawn
2. Rats And Gin
3. From Ear To Ear (Confession From A Deranged Mind)
4. In Honor To Hate
5. Disaffection
6. Mourns Of The Sick And Perverted
7. She Died A Virgin (Letter From A Deranged Mind)
8. Ablazing The Grudge
9. Wreath For Eradication
10. The End Of New Life
11. Gross Thread And Rusted Needles

Origin: Aguascalientes, Mexico
Genre: Death Metal

Debut full-length release of mexican death metal outfit. Check'em out!
Material received directly from a band.

Mediafire link

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