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Rabu, 24 November 2010

ENDING QUEST - Led To The Slaughter EP (2010)

1. Life Recedes
2. Master Therion's Reign
3. Led To The Slaughter
4. Body of Christ
5. A Fiery Fate
6. Wolverine Blues (Entombed cover)

Origin: Sweden

Genre: Old School Death Metal
Bitrate: 250kb/s VBR

"Ending Quest is another young Swedish project performing straight up old school death metal, a further vehicle for Stefan Nordström of Desolator. Like that band, this Led to the Slaughter demo is unflinchingly old school and not afraid to flex its familiar muscles, but there are a few differences of note. Where Desolator worked within a miasma of rugged, early 90s aesthetics, Ending Quest feels a little closer to a hybrid of the old, crushing tones of Entombed, Therion, Unleashed and Grave, and the Florida legends Death, at least on their albums Scream Bloody Gore and Leprosy. Toss in some Pestilence and Asphyx for good measure, and you're off to a worthy start."


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