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Kamis, 04 November 2010

DEHYDRATED GOAT - Genocide Againts The Brain Cells (2010)

Death Metal/Grindcore From Latvia
Gore grind like Anal Nosorog, Jig-Ai, Rompeprop, Gronibard.

1.CyberGoat Attack

2.A Choice in Favor of Death?

3.Goodbye, my Poo...


5.Norm of Deformity

6.The Altar of Impotence

7.Castration of Krupin

8.(Eyeless) Fetus Barbecue

9.Goat Wars

10.Brutal Kids and Misanthropic Losers

11.Raped on the Dancefloor


13.Robot Rape Squad

14.Corpse Gutting Competition

15.Phantom of the Opera


17.Portable Anus

18.Lesbian Nudist Beach

19.Beaten to Death With a Big Black Dildo


21.A Pimp Lost in the Desert

22.Beginning of a New Decay

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