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Senin, 08 November 2010

CADAVER DISPOSAL - Signum Gloriae EP (2010)

1. Signum Gloriae (Intro)
2. Cadaver Disposal
3. Let sleeping corpses lie
4. Contact
5. Adipocere
6. Flatline

Origin: Germany
Genre: Death Metal

CADAVER DISPOSAL was found in 2010 out of the ashes of the German band BRAINDEAD.
"After BRAINDEAD had split up due to some legal issues, the band decided to reform under a different name in order to start again right from the beginning. Due to the fact that the band consists of great musicians (such as the former drummer of BELPHEGOR), they are really looking forward to hit stages everywhere possible.
The songs on 'Signum Gloriae' are the remains of the first album of BRAINDEAD, which was to be released by november 2010, but had to be cancelled due to those legal issues.
The band will enter the studio again in early 2011 to record another album with completely new songs, which will be released by NIHILISTIC EMPIRE RECORDS as soon as possible.
The band is currently working on a new Myspace-Profile and a Homepage. If you want to contact us, feel free to write to"

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