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Jumat, 13 Agustus 2010

FRACTURED INSANITY - Mass Awakeless (2010)

Band : Fractured Insanity
Album : Mass Awakeless
Years : 2010
Genre : Technical Brutal Death
Country : Belgium

1.Echoes from Despair and Damnation02:24
2.Mass Awakeless03:23
3.The Damned02:50
4.Infecting the Blind05:43
5.Insanity's Haze06:56
6.Breed of Nothingless02:47
7.Faceless Redemption03:28
8.Catalysmic Disruption03:39
9.The Rise of the Nameless Aeon04:56
10.Towards Nihility and Annihilation03:31


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