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Kamis, 01 Oktober 2009

VA-A Tribute To Repulsion

1. GENERAL SURGERY - Maggots In Your Coffin
2. NECROMORPH - Something Dead
3. AFGRUND - Splattered Cadavers
4. FONDLECORPSE - Crypt Of Terror
5. COLDWORKER - Crematorium
6. IMPALED - Helga (Lost Her Head)
7. MINDFLAIR - Repulsion
9. COLLISION - Six Feet Under
10. NASHGUL - Slaughter Of The Innocent
11. GOREGAST - Lurking (The) Fear
12. HAEMORRHAGE - The Stench Of Burning Death
13. CEPHALIC CARNAGE - Decomposed
14. LOOKING FOR AN ANSWER - Driven To Insanity
15. INHUME - Acid Bath
16. BELCHING BEET - House Of Freaks
17. CRETIN - Eaten Alive
18. MACHETAZO - Pestilent Decay
19. BLOCKHEADS - Horrified
20. HAEMOPHAGUS - Excruciation
21. GRIND CRUSHER - Festering Boils


After all these bloody years, the first official REPULSION tribute compilation will be out of the dark in few days. At first as a limited 12"LP version with a lot of linernotes, terrible sexy pix, a really wonderful artwork made by the great artist Adam Geyer, a lovely made layout by Jox Graphix and of course, full of 21 extreme blasting bands like GENERAL SURGERY, HAEMORRHAGE, IMPALED, COLDWORKER, FONDLECORPSE, MACHETAZO, INHUME, CRETIN, LOOKING FOR AN ANSWER, CEPHALIC CARNAGE, BLOCKHEADS, AFGRUND, MINDFLAIR, COLLISION, BELCHING BEET, NECROMORPH, HAEMOPHAGUS, GOREGAST, WORLD DOWNFALL, NASHGUL, GRIND CRUSHER Send your pre order now we shipping the vinyl after

Download: Rapidshare link

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