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Minggu, 04 Oktober 2009

DECREPIDEMIC-The Void Of Un-Exsistence

1.The Void of Un-Existence 03:16
2.The Burning Deceit of Life 03:20
3.The Prophecy Begins 02:46
4.For Those Apt To 02:28
5.The Wanderer 04:34
6.Decrepit Epidemic 02:16
7.Relinquish to Downfall 04:45
8.Cease to Exist 10:00

Total playing time 3:25

Origin:Portugal (Braga)
Genre:Brutal Death Metal

Recorded and mixed by Pedro "Grave" Alves and P.G. at Grave Studios (Portugal).
Mastered by Colin Davis at Imperial Mastering (USA).


Download: Megaupload link

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