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Senin, 12 September 2011

SATANIC BUTCHER (MEX) - Anti - Human Theory (2011)

1. Anti-Human Theory
2. Morbid Dream
3. Somatic Death
4. Invocation Of The War Beast
5. Failed Soul
6. Ritual Satanico
7. Hate Against The Humanity
8. No Mercy (feat. Army)
9. The Final Day
10. The Black Witch (bonus track)
11. Servant Of Demons (bonus track)

Origin: Mexico City, México
Genre: Death Metal

"The satanic butcher was a project created since May 2009, Beast (Dogtail, Ex Hatesoul) and Ant met to put together riffs and drum beats, then joined them and Dead and Leviathan, brothers who came with high expectations for the band. After rehearsing some covers Deviant integrates a guttural vocals with evil. Rehearsing a few months, and "adapt"some members, it was decided to undo the Satanic Butcher without actually doing something important. After several months of hiatus, Beast Butcher searching for members decide to continue this project, coming Hedgarth Filth bass, to leave for a couple of months as members as beast-vocals and guitar and Hedgarth Filth-low. Filth Hedgarth going unnoticed abandon the project. Today, the satanic butcher, is one of the few metal bands in Mexico with a single member; beast butcher, creating riffs, drum beats programming and composing lyrics about human perversion, satanism, violence, blood, antropophaguism, without being in a subgenre of metal, just being an aggressive metal, with simple riffs, some grunts and screams."
Material received directly from a band.

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