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Kamis, 30 Juni 2011

MASADA (USA) - Suffer Mental Decay EP (2011)

1. Suffer Mental Decay
2. Toxic Unreality

Origin: Philadelphia, US
Genre: Death Metal

"Masada was conceived in 2008 by guitarist Chris Milewski with the intention of not only creating aggressive music, but also something that involved a sort of uniqueness and actual thought. Shortly after, Chris was joined by renowned drummer Craig Smilowski (ex-Immolation, ex-Goreaphobia, Rellik,) bassist Matt Dwyer (Rellik,) and vocalist Cazz “The Black Lourde of Crucifixion” Grant (Crucifier.) In November 2010, about 6 years or so after being written, the recording of 2 tracks finally commenced. After numerous added delays, the 'Suffer Mental Decay' demo was finally finished and released on Judgement Day, May 21, 2011. Even with the release of the demo, the world failed to end... and here we stand!"

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