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Kamis, 19 Mei 2011

ANALDICKTION (SIN) - Sluts (2011)

1. Fingerbang Abortion
2. Whoreaphobic
3. Female Expulsion Orgasmic Parade
4. Gagged and Grinded
5. Phrenetic Impaled Vaginal Dissection
6. Quantity of a Human Defilement
7. Anorexorcist (Nirvana cover)
8. Semen Covered Butchered Whores
9. Too Kvlt to Fvck
10. Sperm VS Egg
11. Teenage Assault Bukkake Ceremony
12. Campaign for Emo Destruction (Spazz cover)
13. Severed Scene Slut
14. Genetically Abused Youth

Origin: Singapore
Genre: Brutal Death Metal/Goregrind

"Conceived in 2009 as a Brutal Slamming Death Metal outfit. After tons of line-up changes and demos, Analdicktion went towards a hybrid fusion of Brutal Death/Grindcore infused Goreviolence. Aziz from Scrotum Jus Records signed the band and Analdicktion started writing new material and began recording the full-length album 'Sluts', which is now available on Scrotum Jus Records and Sevared Records. Analdicktion is currently readying for tours around SE Asia and writing new material for a 7" EP."
Material received directly from a band. You can also purchase it here.

Mediafire link

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