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Selasa, 30 November 2010

SEDATIVE - Lctus EP (2007)

1- Intro
2- Ictus Viral
3- Claustro-phile
4- Neurolepsie

Origin: France

Genre: Death/Grind
Bitrate: OGG. 450kb/s

"SEDATIVE was created in 2000 by two guitarists, Nico and Rico, playing with a drum-machine. Lolo comes with his bass and the first demo "Déviance Malsaine" is out in 2003. The band grows quickly with the arrival of Sober (drums) and Fred (vocals) in 2005. Their motivation is obvious: the first album "Inconscience" is out the same year! Then,the line up changes a bit. Lolo is replaced by Yan, Rico by Fred who stops singing and takes the second guitar. Mulk (vocals) integrates the band in 2007, year of the release of the EP "Ictus". After all these events, more than 40 shows in France and Switzerland, all sorts of classic issues, SEDATIVE gives birth to Lobocaïne in 2009. This twelve tracks recorded by Jéjé (MUMAKIL, BLOCKHEADS...) at studio Terrier 5, Geneva.
Backing from Cuban Brutal Fest tour 2010 (see "report Cuba Brutal Fest") and new recording for the next release to come (also with Jéjé), SEDATIVE wants to brings audience to a massive and deep universe that it the will of SEDATIVE to share their brutal music on stage, with no compromises..."


Download: Fileserve

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