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Selasa, 17 Agustus 2010

FERNANDO COLUNGA ULTIMATE EXPERIENCE - Sangriento E Brutal Telenovela (2010

1.Intro - The Cripple Fight
3.Telenovela 1
4.Fernando Colunga is Chuck Norris of the Mexican Soap Operas
5.Telenovela 2
6.Cursed is My Fate Because I Am Blind
7.Telenovela 3
8.You Are So Damn Fucked !
9.Telenovela 4
10.Esmeralda is a Fuckin' Whore, I Don't Love Her Anymore
11.Outro - They Killed Kenny
12.Could This Be a Dream

Origin: Serbia
Genre: Grindcore
Bitrate: 256kb/s


Download: Ugotfile

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